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We will always drive your car according to the laws and legislations, any and all violation tickets, if any is solely the responsibility of the Drivers... Not you!

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We are the only company that has proper coverage insurance according to ICBC! If you are involved in an accident while using our services please click below!

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Welcome to the Dial a Driver Services Inc. Home Page!

Here you will your Designated Driver! Links to find all the necessary links and information about our company and enjoy our services can be found on this page! Please bare with us as we populate our pages with information to better serve you! We have been operating here in our wonderful surrounding communities of Victoria for over 19 years and going steady! Recently you may have noticed some changes in our company standards as we have added several new exciting features such as Gift Cards and Debit Machines for your convenience!

There too many reasons never to Drink and Drive, because we care we would like you to take a look at just a few of those reasons below;

Use a Designated Driver
Think Before you Drink

What does drinking do to your driving?

Alcohol influences your driving even if it’s ingested in small quantities. Unlike food, alcohol doesn’t digest but gets absorbed in the bloodstream from the small intestine, and less rapidly from the stomach and colon. The blood carries the alcohol to all important organs, such as liver, heart, brain – which coordinates all our activities, including those involved in drinking. That’s why it’s always better to avoid driving after drinking, otherwise you can experience the following effects of alcohol:

  • Your perception abilities are affected; you are less likely to observe traffic signs, bikers, pedestrians or cars coming from the opposite side;
  • You have less control on your t reactions in traffic situations; your eyes are slower and they remain focused more time on the same object;
  • Your space perspective narrows; you tend to focus more straightforward and don’t look to right or left;
  • Your reaction time increases and your reflexes diminish; it takes you more time to respond fast and adapt to the traffic stimuli;
  • You will find it more difficult to drive in a straight line;
  • You are less able to judge distances and speed;
  • You A may have a tendency to be overconfident and put yourself in danger.


You are an experienced driver and you have been driving several times while impaired and nothing bad has happened. Probably that makes you think nothing bad will ever happen. You are wrong. Just take a look to the following possible consequences and maybe it will convince you not do step in you car after a glass wine. A drunk driver can cause terrible accidents such as:

  • Killing someone else
  • Losing your own life
  • Imprisonment
  • Criminal records
  • Living with guilt that you injured or caused an accident; depression
  • Legal costs
  • Increased insurance costs


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New Passenger App Now Available!

Our Dads DD  Passenger Mobile App for Apple and Android handheld devices is Now Available! Dad’s DD is highly user friendly and simple to use! No more having to go outside of a noisy establishment to be heard over the phone!

You may book for our services from between 15-30 minutes to 365 days in advance with ease, our apps will calculate our rates and give you an approximate quote

( Rates are subject to change without notice from time to time, don’t worry we are fair! ) and will tell show you where the driver is located on the map and give you an approximate estimation of time of arrival!

Sincerely – Dad’s Dial a Driver Team!