Insurance Policies You Can Count On

Since 1999 our company has been working with local insurance guru’s and the underwriters for ICBC to ensure the safety and well being of our drivers and their passengers and customers. Our drivers must have updated drivers abstracts to qualify for new insurance policies at least every six months. Now we rarely have accidents involving our drivers, but when we do we make it our first priority… If your driver is physically able they are required to assist you in getting emergency assistance if applicable, filing a police report, getting ahold of dispatch and taking pictures of any damage if they are able to do so without injuring themselves or others. Please wait for medical attention and do not leave the scene. If you leave the scene we will not be able to cover you under our corporate policy. If you have recently had an accident while using our services you can be assured we will be anxiously awaiting your phone call and your safe and full recovery! Call us at 1-250-213-2901