Got Questions?
You may find your answers here!

Q; How much does it cost to Book a Designated Driver?

A; Standard Booking Fee’s are $10.00 to secure your safe ride home, it is important to note that this fee is non-refundable.

This is due to the number of customers that do not connect with their assigned drivers, aren't at their vehicles and are no where to be found upon the drivers arrival. This depletes resources and prevents other responsible patrons from receiving services. If you book a ride please make sure your phone is turned on and you are ready when the driver is ordered or you risk losing your booking fee.

Q; How much do your services cost per Kilometre?

A; Mileage Rates are determined by the Drivers, They are required to let you know the cost before you confirm your booking through Fubar DD.

This creates the incentives that are required for Designated Drivers to operate in full force so there is always a driver available when you need them. Variable Pricing helps create healthy market competitiveness and ensures a Designated Driver is always avaiable even in the most remote areas of British Columbia.