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Are you still dispatching fleet cars by phone or text? Are you still working for someone else? Do you crave Independence? We feel for you, we were you not long ago! We want to help you move in to the wave of technology! Do you wish to take your business to the next level? Join us today! Become a part of the latest craze! Fubar DD and our branding could be an opportunity for your existing business to flourish! Don’t want to use our branding? That’s fine, we can provide you with a white labelled App for your company, we can even assist you in creating logo graphics if you wish!

Here’s what we do have that other companies don’t… We have over 25 years of quality service in the Lower Vancouver island to stand behind us like a big ol’ happyface flag! If you are interested in licensing our brand or having your own white labelled App please sign up and get more information!