Unregulated Designated Driving Companies Put Your Business at Risk

Most Unregulated Designated Driver Companies put your liability at risk, They have accidents, do not carry the proper insurance policies, aren't fully trained to be in a transportation industry work environment, they are not properly screened or vetted to be working with vulnerable subjects such as intoxicated persons, people like your Patrons.

In British Columbia, Liquor establishments have a responsibility to serve alcohol responsibly and ensure that their patrons do not become overly intoxicated. This responsibility is known as “duty of care,” and it requires these establishments to monitor the amount of alcohol served to each patron and prevent any potentially dangerous behavior. To fulfill this duty of care, establishments may limit the number of drinks a patron can order, serve food alongside alcoholic beverages, or offer non-alcoholic options. Additionally, they may refuse to serve alcohol to patrons who appear to be already intoxicated or who are under the legal drinking age. 

Establishments that serve alcohol can be held liable for damages if they fail to provide a duty of care to their patrons who leave the premises after consuming alcohol. This is known as “liquor liability” or “host liability”. The law recognizes that establishments have a responsibility to ensure that their patrons do not harm themselves or others while under the influence of alcohol. If an establishment allows a patron to leave while visibly intoxicated and that person causes an accident or injury, the establishment may be held liable for any damages. This could include compensating the injured party for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. The establishment may also face fines or lose their liquor license. It is therefore in the best interest of establishments to train their staff to recognize signs of intoxication and to have policies and procedures in place to prevent over-serving and ensure the safe transportation of their patrons.

Much like a server of alcohol in a licensed establishment, Designated Drivers should educate themselves because it is important to be aware that alcohol consumption comes with risks. Over-consumption can cause harm to the consumer, or lower their inhibitions, leading to behaviours such as sexualized violence, aggression and harassment. This training helps serve alcohol in a manner that reduces risks for you and the patrons. It is also a risk to your Patrons as you send them away in an unregulated car while they are vulnerable, if you called an unregulated Designated Driving Services and your Patron gets hurt in an accident, harassed, assaulted or sexualized you could be held liable

Safety concerns are a major issue in the designated driving industry. Without proper regulations and oversight such as the ones for The Taxi Association, it can be difficult to ensure that designated drivers are qualified and have a safe driving record. This can increase the risk of accidents, which can result in serious injuries or fatalities to passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians. Fubar DD aims to change that and relieve some of the burdens the Unregulated Designated Driving Industry imposes on unsuspecting Patrons and Establishments alike

Furthermore, a lack of regulations could lead to inconsistencies in training and certification requirements for designated drivers. This means that some drivers may not be adequately prepared to handle various driving scenarios, such as driving in inclement weather or navigating unfamiliar roads. This could put both the designated driver and passengers at risk.

Additionally, some designated drivers may not be as responsible or committed to their duties as they should be. This could result in them driving under the influence or engaging in reckless driving behaviours, which could endanger everyone on the road.

In contrast, Fubar DD offers customers peace of mind by using technology to screen and verify the driving records of designated drivers. This ensures that only qualified and experienced drivers are hired, which can help to improve safety. Fubar DD also provides clear insurance liability, which helps to reduce disputes and confusion in the event of an accident.

Overall, safety concerns are a critical issue when it comes to designated driving services. Customers should only book a designated driver through a reputable and reliable platform like Fubar DD to ensure that they are getting a safe and responsible driver who can help them get home safely.