Fubar DD Designated Driver App

Whether you're driving home or to a friend's house, wherever – Feel free to have a drink or two! When you're ready to get to your destination, a trusted Designated Driver will pick you and your car up! 🙂

· Support Local Drivers ·

Designated Drivers who use the Fubar DD App are encouraged to take control and run independently, this means you save and they make more money!

You can feel secure that you are helping support local families while remaining confident in a third party localized tracking system. Driver and Passengers alike can ride easy.

Every Ride from the Fubar DD App will connect you with a safe secure alternative way to get your car home when you feel its unsafe to drive yourself, get to know one today!

Designated Driving is a low impact job everyone can do! Young or old, perfect for people who have limited mobility and for people who have a hard time standing for long periods of time. Find out how to become a driver and follow the links below.